Our vision

Because relationships are important
Lasting, qualitative relationships are important to well-being of men, women and children. Confident in people’s strength we call to pursue sustainable relationships and we plea for a strong support and assistance – when needed – of partners, parents and children.
Families exist in all shapes and sizes and are constantly shifting. In our centre of expertise we think of ‘family’ as all types of cohabitation that include at least one parent and one child, with one of them supporting the other. We do not only focus on parents and (young) children, but also on younger and older people and the relationships between generations.
Lasting relationships
Lasting relationships are found primarily in the nuclear and extended family. Relationships and all forms of cohabitation are constantly subject to pressure and change.
We believe that qualitative relationships are only possible if:
• They are based on honesty, justice, responsibility, mutual care and respect for each family member’s personal integrity;
• Men and women enjoy equal rights and opportunities within their family and their society;
• Both parents take on the care for the children as an essential and equally shared responsibility;
• The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child is used as a guideline in relationships towards children and to ensure their position in society.
We plea for a commitment to and investment in sustainable relationships. Therefore we ask special attention from the government to support families in order for them to develop strong relationships.

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