What we do

The support of families and how we can improve it, is central to all our activities.

  • We conduct practical research on the living situation and well-being of families, and how their support and care could be improved.
  • We stimulate debate on family, relationships and parenting through publications and conferences.
  • We organize events and courses on family, relationships and parenting.

Our main research subjects are:

  • Family and Educational Support
  • Diversity
  • Family Policy in Flanders
  • Vulnerable Families
  • Refugee Families
  • Partnership Relations and Divorce
  • Ethics and Meaning
  • Lifelong Learning

Each subject was given an individual color on this website.

Information and news about our centre of expertise were given a red frame.

The activities and projects of our Centre for Family Studies focus on several generations: from children and adolescents to adults and the elderly. We also focus on intergenerational relationships.

When relevant, we categorize our articles and events according to their target group(s).


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