From living together to living apart, and together again: living situations in family policy

May 15th is the International Day of Families. The United Nations ask to pay special attention to current issues concerning families and family policy. We gladly answer their call with our annual analysis of family policy.

In 2011 the United Nations promoted poverty as the main theme of the International Day of Families. Because it’s been established that living together reduces the risk of poverty, we decided to base our study on family policy on the following question: does family policy promote and enhance living together and starting a family?

In our research and in this publications we explain why living together is important.

Our research and analysis was presented to the press at a press conference on May 13th 2011. The researchers published their findings in the Flemish magazine OCMW Visies. You can download this article, as well as some of the chapters of this publication, on the right (only in Dutch).

Sponsored by: Flemish minister of Wellbeing, Public Health and Family, Jo Vandeurzen.

Published in : 2011
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