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One week mommy, one week daddy? What children really need in case of a divorce

This book (Dutch title: ‘Een week mama, een week papa? Wat kinderen bij een scheiding écht nodig hebben’) was written by lecturer Claire Wiewauters and mediator Monique Van Eyken from the perspective of the child, containing many tips for parents and family counselors. The message of this book – to give priority to the needs of children and to adjust your co-parenting arrangement to your children’s age – is clearly a hot topic, given the amount of media attention it has received.


When parents get divorced, children experience unrest and insecurity, anger and sorrow. Their feeling of safety and trust is compromised. ‘Home’ becomes ‘at my mom’s’ and ‘at my dad’s’. Children need time to regain their resilience. Parents can help them do that. It is necessary to observe the behavior and listen to the stories of children attentively. Putting the needs of children first, taking into account their age, can be a big help for parents, for whom it can be challenging in a period they are struggling with their own emotions and practical arrangements as well.

The book ‘One week mommy, one week daddy? What children really need in case of a divorce’ provides insight for parents and counselors on the impact of a divorce on children. The authors give concrete advice to both parents and the network of people who are helping them during the struggle of divorce. Staying connected is key.


Claire Wiewauters, pedagogue and psychotherapist for children, adolescents and families, lecturer in Family Studies (Odisee)
Monique Van Eyken, family mediator and coach for adults and children, lecturer in the postgraduate program Mediation of KULeuven.


Published by Lannoo, 2014

Price: € 16,00 + shipping costs (only available in Dutch)


Bruno Vanobbergen, Flemish Commissioner of Children’s Rights, discussed some of the topics of the book with Claire Wiewauters. You can watch their discussion (in Dutch) in these YouTube-videos.

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beeld cover boek Claire
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