Family Policy in Flanders

The Centre for Family Studies conducts practice-oriented research from the perspective of families, aiming to enhance their functioning and well-being. We cooperate with policy-makers and social professionals and develop research projects in order to answer their needs and questions. Based on this research we often make specific recommendations concerning policy development and the functioning of organisations. 

At the same time we take a critical look at policy and the professional practice and we investigate if they make the ‘family reflex’. Do policy-makers and organisations sufficiently bear the multi-faceted phenomenon we call ‘family’ in mind? Are they constantly aware of the fact that the measures they take and the interventions they perform come together at family level and can either compensate for or enhance each other?

These are some of our research topics in this field of study:

  • We conduct research into the policy and practice regarding the work-life balance, for example in the context of the ESF funded project “Sandwichcoach”, in which we investigate how 45- to 65-year-olds with a double caring responsibility can be better assisted in finding proper combination strategies.
  • In response to the May 2019 elections our centre analysed the impact of  the election programmes of all Flemish parties on families.
  • In 2018 and 2019 we explored civil initiatives focusing on families. We mapped out the types of initiatives, we investigated what the facilitating and impeding factors are and how the various supportive organisations and governments can play a part in these civil initiatives.
  • In our book ‘In verband met gezinnen…’ (published in 2020) our researchers analyse themes such as education, relationships, care, labour… considered from the perspective of families and call upon policy-makers and the professional field to actively consider the impact of their interventions on families.

Family policy in 2012. The role of the family, the neighborhood and the citizen in the Houses of the Child

This publication contains our yearly analysis of the family policy in Flanders, that we conduct for the occasion of the International Day of Families.

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Actief ouder worden in Vlaamse steden en gemeenten

Active aging in Flemish cities and villages

To what extent is ‘active ageing’ a well-established practice in Flanders? Research by Pieter Rondelez – November 2012

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Actief ouder worden in Vlaamse steden en gemeenten

Family policy in 2006-2011: From family to parenthood as keystone of society?

Our analysis shows that the policy mostly focusses on the support of parents in their task of raising children. Isn't it time for more relationship support?


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From living together to living apart, and together again: living situations in family policy

Analysis of the Flemish family policy of 2010. Does the family policy promote living together and starting a family?

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